Your care is our top priority...

...your convenience is a close second.

Use the maps below to learn where to find each practice in the Ottumwa Health Group 

Ottumwa Primary Care

1013 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste A/B Ottumwa, IA  52501

Eddyville Clinic

107 N. 3rd  Eddyville, IA  52553


EasyCare Walk-In Clinic

2453 North Court Ottumwa, IA  52501 (Inside North Hy-Vee)

Ottumwa Walk-In Clinic

1255 Theatre Drive Ottumwa, IA  52501

Ottumwa Surgical Partners

1011 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste D Ottumwa, IA  52501

Ottumwa Gastroenterology

1013 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste D Ottumwa, IA  52501

Ottumwa Women's Health Clinic

931 Pennsylvania Ave Ottumwa, IA  52501

Ottumwa Orthopedics

1011 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste B Ottumwa, IA  52501

Ottumwa Urology Clinic

1003 Pennsylvania Ave Ottumwa, IA  52501